Client Release History (Prior to January 2022)

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Last Modified DateMarch 18, 2022
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The contents of this article covers client releases prior to January 2022. For current release notes for Snowflake connectors, drivers, and libraries see Snowflake Connector, Driver, and Library Monthly Release.

We regularly update our client software to provide performance, security, and usability improvements, and to fix customer-reported issues. This article lists changes and fixes that may impact your usage of the following Snowflake clients:

  • SnowSQL (CLI)
  • ODBC Driver

Note: For information on the Snowpark Library for Scala and Java, see the Snowpark Library for Scala and Java Release Notes .

For information about the other Snowflake clients, see the change logs and release notes provided in their repositories in snowflakedb (in Github):

For more information about a particular Snowflake release, see Releases.

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Client / Library Releases (by Month)

Within each month, the list is organized by client or library and version. Descriptions are provided only for the changes/fixes made to recent versions of each client. For descriptions of all the changes/fixes made to a particular client, see Client Changes by Version (in the Snowflake Documentation).

For the changes to the JDBC Driver, see the change log for the JDBC Driver in GitHub.

January 2022

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
1.0.026-Jan-2022General availability (GA) release on AWS.
(Snowpark is still a preview feature on Azure and GCP.)

The API reference for this release is available in the Snowflake documentation .
0.12.004-Jan-2022New Features
  • Added the listagg function to thefunctions object.
  • Added support for UDFs with 11 to 22 arguments.
  • Added the any_value function to the RelationalGroupedDataFrame class.
  • In the generated code for UDFs, replaced a static code block with an object instance function.
  • Reorganized error messages
  • Changed the saveAsTable function so that a new table is not created in Append mode.
  • Improved the callUDF function to support any type of argument.
  • Changed the library to set the query tag at the statement level, rather than at the session level.
The API reference for this release is available in a .zip or .tar.gz file in the Snowflake Client Repository.


December 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • Fixed an issue with Arrow when using ODBC_TREAT_DECIMAL_AS_INT.


November 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • Added the MapToLongVarchar property.
  • Updated the OpenSSL version from 1.1.1k to 1.1.1l.
  • Updated the curl version from 7.74.0 to 7.78.0
  • Fixed an issue to add retry on invalid arrow chunks.
  • Fixed an issue to remove retry on HTTP 403 errors.
0.11.016-Nov-2021New Features
  • Added the generator method to the Session class and the seq1, seq2, seq4, seq8, and uniform functions to the functions object.
  • Added the getSessionInfo method to the Session class.
  • Added APIs for performing actions on DataFrames asynchronously.
  • Upgraded the Snowflake JDBC driver to 3.13.9.
  • Improved the error message reported when no current database is selected for use.
The API reference for this release is available in a .zip or .tar.gz file in the Snowflake Client Repository.


October 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
0.10.127-Oct-2021Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem with uploading files to a GCP stage where the wrong prefix was used.
  • Fixed a problem in which a 403 HTTP response was returned when accessing a pre-signed URL for GCP.
0.10.018-Oct-2021New Features
  • Added the new method dropDuplicates to the DataFrame class.
  • Added support for in expressions to the Column class and functions object.
  • Extended the Iterator returned by DataFrame.toLocalIterator to support the Closeable interface, which allows you to call the close method on the iterator.
  • Added support for the new configuration property snowpark_request_timeout_in_seconds . You can set this in the configuration map / file to adjust the timeout that the library uses when uploading dependencies to a stage. By default, the timeout is 86400 (1 day).
Bug Fixes
  • Updated the library to close unused statements automatically in order to reduce memory usage.
  • Fixed the column order in the result of the DataFrame.withColumns method.
Behavior Changes
  • Removed APIs intended only for Java from the Scala API.
  • Replaced the default logger log4j with SLF4J SimpleLogger.
  • Added logic to the DataFrame.withColumns method to verify that duplicate input column names are not specified.
  • Updated the clone methods in the Copyable and Updatable classes return correct DataFrame types.
  • Added support for specifying the application ID by setting the application property in the configuration map / file.
The API reference for this release is available in a .zip or .tar.gz file in the Snowflake Client Repository.
ODBC Driver
  • Added the UseCurrentCatalog connection parameter.
  • SNOW-464077:  Fixed issue with stage binding and timestamps.
  • SNOW-452624: Fixed installer registry issues.
  • Made performance improvements.
  • SNOW-452032: Replaced invalid UTF-8 characters from server.
  • SNOW-366898: Added more checks for potential crash issue.
  • SNOW-279670: Added a test button to the DSN dialog box.
  • SNOW-475359: Upgraded the sqlparse library version from 0.2.3 to 0.4.2.


September 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
0.9.020-Sep-2021New Features
  • Added a new DataFrame subclass, CopyableDataFrame, that you can use to copy data from a staged file into a table. This is equivalent to the COPY INTO <table> command.
  • Added the new method DataFrame.rename() for renaming columns in a DataFrame.
  • Added the new function functions.iff() for specifying an if-then-else expression. This is equivalent to the IFF function.
  • Added new constructors for the DecimalType class.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the error SQL compilation error: Missing column specification that could occur when the Snowpark library created a temporary view.
Behavior Changes
  • Changed the DataFrame.union() and DataFrame.unionByName() methods to use UNION, rather than UNION ALL.
The API reference for this release is available in a .zip or .tar.gz file in the Snowflake Client Repository.
ODBC Driver
  • Added fast fail and maximum retry support to the GET command for ODBC.
  • SNOW-395216:  Add telemetry for unsupported APIs.
  • Fixed a bug with empty binary data in JSON format.
  • Added a warning message when an invalid key is passed to a connection string.
  • Fixed an issue with the default location of the CA Bundle file on Windows.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple statements beginning with a CALL stored procedure caused a crash.
  • SNOW-467701: Added ability to set arbitrary connection parameters in Snowflake connections.
  • SNOW-276705: Make the use of encrypted private key for Key Pair authentication optional.
  • SNOW-377123: Added the ability to accept and substitute empty variables, this new behavior is protected by the environmental variable SNOWSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_ENV_VARS.
  • SNOW-407614: Changed the behavior of printing unicode characters instead of their escape sequences when using csv format, this new behavior is protected by the environmental variable SNOWSQL_OUTPUT_AS_UNICODE.


August 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
ODBC Driver
  • Updated the minimum supported version of MacOS from 10.13 to 10.14.
  • Fixed an issue where Arrow crashed when calling the ValueOrDie() function.
  • Fixed an issue related to parameter array binding.
  • SNOW-373871: Added PUT/GET support when connecting to a FIPS enabled endpoint.
  • SNOW-227282: Added the ability for Telemetry to record the number of result rows consumed by an application.
  • Refactored some internal code to remove some dependencies.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with BigDecimal literals in cases where scale might be larger than precision.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur when performing multiple set operations (e.g. union, intersect, etc.).
The API reference for this release is available in a .zip or .tar.gz file in the Snowflake Client Repository.

Note that as of this release of the library, you no longer need to add the OSGeo repository to the list of repositories in your build.sbt and pom.xml files.


July 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
0.7.023-Jul-2021New APIs
  • Introduced the new Session.close() method. Call this method to close the Snowpark session, which cancels all running queries and prevents the subsequent use of this session to execute queries.
  • Introduced the new Updatable class. Updatable extends the DataFrame class and provides additional table-related capabilities (e.g. the ability to update and delete values).
  • The Session.table() method now returns an Updatable object, rather than a DataFrame object.
  • Introduced new signatures for the registerTemporary methods in the UDFRegistration class. These signatures do not have a parameter for the name of the UDF, which means that you can use these to register an anonymous temporary UDF.
API Changes
  • As mentioned in New APIs, the Session.table() method now returns an Updatable object, which extends DataFrame.
  • In the Geography class, removed support for formats other than GeoJSON. Now, Geography only supports the GeoJSON data format.
  • Improved the DataFrame.cacheResult() method to reduce the possibility of “object already exists” errors.
  • Improved some error messages.
  • Added a new log message that prints out session information after you log in.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in which the method did not display binary data correctly.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when getting the version number.
The API reference for this release is available in a .zip or .tar.gz file in the Snowflake Client Repository.
  • SNOW-378268: Fixed a Python Connector problem that prevented the connector from using AWS S3 regional URLs with the PUT command.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-293206: Added ability to return argument names from SQLProcedureColumns().
  • Added option to set PUT_COMPRESSLV as a connection / configuration parameter.
  • Fixed an issue with the UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT statements where parameter array binding failed in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where DEFAULT_VARCHAR_SIZE and DEFAULT_BINARY_SIZE did not work with SQLColumn().
  • Added support for streaming values for the bind variables SQLParamData() and SQLPutData().
  • SNOW-355132: Added feature to make CURLOPT_MAXAGE_CONN configurable.
  • Fixed an issue where arrow chunk downloading caused a crash.
  • Upgraded OpenSSL from 1.1.1i to 1.1.1k.
  • SNOW-350996: Changed behavior so that the PUT command does not retry when the file being processed already exists in the stage.
  • Fixed an issue where AWS logging caused a crash when using multiple threads.


June 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-365900: Fix for incorrect JWT token invalidity when an account alias with a dash in it is used for regionless account URL.
  • SNOW-303944: Added command-line flags to generate JSON Web Tokens (JWT) in SnowSQL.

May 2021

No SnowSQL or ODBC Driver releases.

April 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-293206: Added support for SQLProcedureColumns.
  • Fixed a bug with SQLColumns() and the GEOGRAPHY data type.
  • SNOW-291407: Added connection / configuration parameters for specifying the default sizes of BINARY and VARCHAR columns when the column size is undetermined.
  • Improved performance when using TRACING=6.
  • Improved the performance of the secret detector.
  • Improvements for log settings.
  • When the ODBC version is 3 or higher, the ODBC Driver now uses SQL_TYPE_DATE, SQL_TYPE_TIME and SQL_TYPE_TIMESTAMP as the data types of date, time and timestamp.
  • SNOW-334403: ODBC now generates regional url for aws us-east-1.
  • SNOW-249530: Updated the driver to send only supported statements in SQLPrepare (including SELECT, DML, and SHOW statements). Prior to this change, if a statement was not supported in SQLPrepare (e.g. BEGIN, SET, or COMMIT), the driver would send the statement in SQLPrepare, and the server would return an error.
  • SNOW-269456: Fixed a null pointer issue with timestamps.
  • Escaped unsafe characters in parameters in the connection string.
  • Added a configuration / connection parameter for specifying the temporary directory for PUT commands.
  • Captured the use of the session context in the telemetry.
  • SNOW-282587: Without a sqlfetch the query is canceled.


March 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-298813: Fix for Progress percentage computation to handle the case when file size is zero.
  • SNOW-270946: Fix a zero division error while computing progress percentage which gets triggered when the size of file to upload/download is 0.
  • SNOW-293541: Released Mac package with renewed Developer Installer Certificate.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW 194654: Added support for caching MFA tokens.
  • SNOW-239674: Updated the driver to capture escape characters in telemetry.
  • Set a default value for the CA certificate bundle file name.
  • Update the driver to free up memory when downloading chunks of results in Arrow format .
  • SNOW-274791: Updated the driver to prevent overscoping when listing foreign keys.
  • SNOW-295726: Added a secret detector and masking module.
  • SNOW-278585: Added support for using the Arrow data format for transferring data to Snowflake.

February 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-232777: Added proxy CONNECT headers for connections made over proxies.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-136474: Changed the default value of the multi-part threshold from 64 to 200, and changed the JDBC Driver to read this parameter from the server.
  • SNOW-165204: Fixed a number overflow exception that resulted from calling getObject() on a SQL BIGINT value.
  • SNOW-180954: As previously announced, removed the JNA classes from the Snowflake JDBC Driver JAR file.
  • SNOW-209530: Changed the handling of proxy settings. Proxy parameters in the connection string now override the JVM proxy settings. When connecting to Azure, PUT / GET commands now go through the specified proxy.
  • SNOW-250222: Fixed an exception thrown by the COPY INTO command when the JDBC Driver inserts more than INT_MAX records from a single file.
  • SNOW-251457: Changed the ResultSet.getString() method to return DATE objects in the session time zone (rather than use the offset from the JVM time zone).
  • SNOW-255552: Fixed a null pointer exception in ResultSet.getCharacterStream().
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-78018: Updated the driver to return the query ID for a successful ODBC call that executes the PUT / GET command.
  • SNOW-215983: Added support for unicode in folder names in PUT / GET statements.
  • SNOW-219403: Added support for specifying the PUT_FASTFAIL and PUT_MAXRETRIES parameters in the simba.snowflake.ini file.
  • SNOW-269456: Upgraded the version of Arrow to 0.17.0.
  • SNOW-275777: Updated the driver to use JSON format for Win32 applications when exchanging data with Snowflake.


January 2021

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-174428: Changed bulk array binding to use an input stream to send the data to the server, rather than creating a file on the local machine and upload the file to the server.
  • SNOW-213443: Added a configurable Java system property for the “time to live” for connections to the Snowflake database.
  • SNOW-257198: Updated the version of the Google Guava library from 28.0 to 30.0 to address a vulnerability.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-218025: Driver catches exceptions during the heartbeat sync, which prevents crashes during large (10GB) uploads.
  • SNOW-240901: Added Security Verification for Query Texts.
  • SNOW-218019: Updated the telemetry payloads.
  • SNOW-195691: Added support for the SQLProcedures() function.


December 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-206907: Added support for downscoping GCS credentials, which can be used instead of pre-signed URLs.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-197194: Improved the error message for ODBC SSL Certificate failures.
  • SNOW-201816: Reverted a change that overwrote proxy configurations that were set in environment variables.
  • SNOW-219403: Added support for configurable parameters to enable fast fail and specify the maximum number of retries for PUT command failures.


November 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-207061: Fixed a problem with null checking when converting to timestamp values.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-199839: Added inband telemetry when the PUT command fails.
  • SNOW-200183: Added the EnablePidLogFileNames configuration parameter, which causes different processes to generate separate log files.
  • SNOW-201047: Added exceptions for unsupported features to inband telemetry.
  • SNOW-201816: Fixed a problem where the proxy details could not be cleared after being set in the driver.
  • SNOW-204142: When enabled, SQL_DESC_TYPE_NAME returns the GEOGRAPHY type when GEOGRAPHY_OUTPUT_TYPE is GeoJSON (not (E)WKT or (E)WKB).
  • SNOW-209045: Fixed a problem where a crash occurred with concurrent connections.
  • SNOW-213639: Fixed ODBC bulk array binding errors that occurred when parsing data in DATE format.


October 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-150601: Suppressed a warning about illegal reflective access.
  • SNOW-163265: Fixed an issue when the getDate method passes in a Calendar object.
  • SNOW-201788: Prevented attempts to drop a column that is part of clustering key when generating a temp table.
  • SNOW-204185: Fixed an edge case in which can hang when the ResultSet data downloader threads hit unexpected errors.
  • SNOW-208695: Updated the junit version from 4.12 to 4.13.1.
  • SNOW-161733: Improved the performance of the setString method.
  • SNOW-174837: Upgraded google-oauth-client from 1.30.4 to 1.31.0 to address a security vulnerability.
  • SNOW-194437: Fixed a problem where performing an INSERT with bind values of the TIME type did not trigger bulk array loading through a stage.
  • SNOW-195989: Fixed issue where driver was unable to connect via Key-Pair authentication if the private key was encrypted and if the key was generated using OpenSSL 1.1.1g on Windows or Ubuntu.
  • SNOW-199080: Updated the GPG key used for package validation.
  • SNOW-201613: Addressed CVE-2019-10172.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-170804: Addressed a security vulnerability finding for util-linux-v2.33.1.
  • SNOW-170805: Addressed a security vulnerability finding for openssl-OpenSSL_1_1_1b.
  • SNOW-177073: Driver now sends inband telemetry objects for metadata API calls.
  • SNOW-178485: Addressed a security vulnerability finding for openssl-1.1.1b-v1.1.1b.
  • SNOW-197540: Added metadata to the telemetry for derived ODBC Show commands.


September 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-170647: Removed an unnecessary dependency.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-180303: Removed unnecessary log lines from the driver log.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-170120: Added the configuration parameter EnableAutoIpdByDefault to override the default value of SQL_ATTR_ENABLE_AUTO_IPD.
  • SNOW-181235: Addressed a connection issue introduced in version 2.21.8.
  • SNOW-183721: Updated the CACert Bundle in the driver.
  • SNOW-184163: Improved PUT performance by using /dev/urandom as the default device.
  • SNOW-187198: Fixed support for the CLIENT_MEMORY_LIMIT parameter, which is used as a max memory limit for Chunk downloading.
  • SNOW-187534: Masked signatures in GCP URLs in logs.


August 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-181011: Fixed missing dependency for keyring package, which caused issues when connecting using authenticator = externalbrowser.
  • SNOW-123267: Support added for forcing quit by pressing [CTRL]-c twice. Note that, if you use this option, SnowSQL does not verify previously-started queries were successfully canceled.
  • SNOW-159538: Internal improvement for masking logs for sensitive information.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-176125: When the log level is set to DEBUG, the driver now logs the OOB telemetry entries that are sent to Snowflake.
  • SNOW-182450: Added in-band telemetry metrics for the DatabaseMetaData get methods (e.g. getTables).
  • SNOW-136193: Fixed issue where driver adjusted DLS for some values that are towards the DLS switch, resulting in a wrong result.
  • SNOW-164505: Implemented telemetry events where needed.
  • SNOW-170758: Implemented SAML/SSO in driver when using ExternalBrowser.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-160149: Set Min version of the driver to receive Arrow result set.
  • SNOW-170279: Added usage stats of SqlPrepare Defer execution stats to CLIENT_ENVIRONMENT.
  • SNOW-175663: Enabled multi-statement support.
  • SNOW-175667: Increased the PUT threshold value on the server side to 200MB.
  • SNOW-177137: Added new UseURandomDevice parameter that changes the driver to use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random.


July 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-170944: Security enhancement for improved masking of sensitive data.
  • SNOW-171834: Internal fix.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-101559: Fixed issue where PUT command with slashes did not work as documented.
  • SNOW-156582: Fixed the following error that occurred when uploading a file into AWS S3 internal stage using PUT command: AwsSdk::AWSClient::: No response body. Response code: 404.
  • SNOW-159839: Fixed issue with reading and writing data containing an em-dash when using the latest Snowflake ODBC driver with Informatica Cloud Services.
  • SNOW-162610: Performance improvements for using PUT commands with internal stages.
  • SNOW-163154: Fixed issue where PUT commands failed when no file extension was specified.
  • SNOW-163664: Fixed issue for Private Preview feature.
  • SNOW-165820: Fixed issue where PUT commands did not upload files without returning errors.
  • SNOW-168900: Fixed issue where the driver continued to open connections to localhost when successive PUT commands were issued; this caused excessive TCP connections (in 3rd-party connectors for Attunity and Razorsql).
  • SNOW-169965: Added Logging level to client environment telemetry.
  • SNOW-170115: For Windows, fixed issued where PUT commands failed even when an escape character was provided and delimited using single quotes.
  • SNOW-170233: Fixed issue where PUT / GET commands fail when paths use forward slashes.


June 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-150710: Added new custom sql_delimiter variable to enable specifying a character other than a semi-colon as the delimiter for SQL statements.
  • SNOW-170458: Fixed an issue where SnowSQL failed on multi-line queries, which was caused by a regression introduced in the SnowSQL 1.2.6 internal release.
1.2.6Version is not available for download.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-163938: Fixed OOB telemetry response failures.
  • SNOW-163587: Fixed issue where DatabaseMetaData getFunctionColumns(null, "%", "%", "%") threw a SQL compilation error.
  • SNOW-164084: Reverted a fix that broke OOB telemetry for the driver.
  • SNOW-165718: Internal fix.
  • SNOW-169174: Fixed security issues (CVE-2020-14061, CVE-2020-14062, CVE-2020-14060, CVE-2020-14195) by upgrading Jackson Databind to version (or later).
3.12.7Version is not available for download; all fixes were rolled into 2.12.8.
  • SNOW-146005: Fixed issue where using the Spring Data JDBC SimpleJdbcInsert class to execute a SQL statement threw an exception.
  • SNOW-150921: Fixed issue where the connection was retrying the OCSP endpoint while using insecureMode; updated the driver to use OCSP mode specified in the session config for OOB telemetry.
  • SNOW-152748: Added new connection parameter, stringsQuotedForColumnDef, to support changes to how the DatabaseMetaData.getColumns() and DatabaseMetaData.getProcedureColumns() methods return COLUMN_DEF string values with or without single quotes.
  • SNOW-157758: Internal fix for pending feature.
  • SNOW-163080: Performance improvements for calling after queries have completed.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-135244: For Windows, fixed issue where externalbrowser authentication was not working properly.
  • SNOW-143536: Added the NoExecuteInSQLPrepare parameter to enable controlling how DDL statements are handled in SQLPrepare and SQLExecute.
  • SNOW-158500: Fixed issue where queries executed with the driver showed failing DESCRIBE_QUERY results; related to the fix for SNOW-143536.
  • SNOW-160829: Fixed performance issue caused by driver not picking up schema/database.
  • SNOW-45633, SNOW-144591: Support added for bulk array binding.
  • SNOW-75496: For Snowflake accounts hosted on GCP, support added for PUT and GET commands.
  • SNOW-165067: Security fix.
2.21.4Version is not available for download; all fixes were rolled into 2.21.5.


May 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-115446: For Snowflake accounts on GCP, fixed issue where PUT commands failed due to incorrect filename passed by the compressAndUploadStream method; fix was required to implement GCP support for the Snowflake Connector for Kafka.
  • SNOW-143877: Internal fix for pending feature.
  • SNOW-150593: Fixed issue where Snowflake throws a ConcurrentModificationException error when attempting to close ResultSets (from GitHub #212).
  • SNOW-152637: Internal fix for pending feature.
  • SNOW-153278: Internal fix for pending feature.
  • SNOW-154633: Added required JDBC licenses in preparation for generating javadoc.
  • SNOW-154927: Fixed security issues (CVE-2020-10969, CVE-2020-9546, CVE-2020-11620, CVE-2020-10672) by upgrading Jackson Databind to version
  • SNOW-156092: Fixed Spark/JDBC NullPointerException in getObject().
  • SNOW-155630: Internal fix for pending feature.
  • SNOW-158363: Internal fix for pending feature.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-136211: Implemented Arrow Bulk fetch.
  • SNOW-157756: Notarized mac package.


April 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-86734: Driver now includes client information, including name, version, language, language version, and OS information, in the USER-AGENT HTTP header.
  • SNOW-136193: Fixed a wrong result issue caused by the driver adjusting DLS (daylight savings) for NTZ timestamp values that are near the time when DLS switches from ST (standard time).
  • SNOW-146005: Fixed issue that occurs in Spring JDBC when using SimpleJdbcInsert.
  • SNOW-153256: Added more verbose error handling to Telemetry Service.
  • SNOW-153485: Internal change for pending feature.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-52894, SNOW-152727, SNOW-152768, SNOW-153310: Fixed issues related to GA of secure SSO ID tokens to support browser-based SSO (for Windows and macOS only).
  • SNOW-140235: Fixed issue where using yum to upgrade the driver to a new version deleted the driver RPM, which caused the upgrade to fail.
  • SNOW-147376: Fixed issue where OOB (Out Of Band) Telemetry did not capture connections if curl code was not set to CURL_OK.
  • SNOW-150687: Fixed the following session expiration error for long running queries: "GS error code=390112, GS error message=Your session has expired. Please login again"
  • SNOW-151169: Upgraded curl to 7.68.0.

Important: This version of the driver implements production-ready support for browser-based SSO with connection caching, which was previously available as a preview feature (Windows and macOS only).

Because this feature requires Snowflake release 4.14, which is currently in progress, you should not upgrade to version 2.21.2 of the driver until you confirm that the release is complete. In particular, if you were participating in the feature preview with an earlier version of the driver (e.g. 2.20.5), you should continue using the earlier version until the release is complete.



March 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-75286: Driver no longer displays sensitive data in logs and exceptions.
  • SNOW-117429: Internal fix.
  • SNOW-144823: Fixed memory leak when the Telemetry Service calls a Shutdown Hook (for PUT commands on short-lived connections).
  • SNOW-147672: For the FIPS-compliant version of the driver, fixed CVE-2020-8840 and CVE-2019-20330 security issues by upgrading com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind to version (or later). Similar fix was introduced in version 3.12.2 of the non-FIPS-compliant driver.
  • SNOW-121867: Fixed issue where SnowflakeConnectionV1.uploadStream() automatically appended @ to correct stage names, which prevented uploads using escaped internal table stages.
  • SNOW-141984: Enhanced the JDBC file transfer API to support proxy for Spark.
  • SNOW-142833: Fixed CVE-2019-20330 and CVE-2020-8840 security issues by upgrading com.fasterxml.jackson.core:jackson-databind to version (or higher).
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-139254: Internal enhancement.
  • SNOW-147190: Removed unnecessary {"message":"Limit Exceeded"} error message from displaying in output buffer.
  • SNOW-147420: Fixed issue that caused a driver failure when a property in the connection string was too long.
  • SNOW-148261: Fixed issue with incorrect Heartbeat endpoint that caused the CLIENT_SESSION_KEEP_ALIVE parameter to fail if set to true; this was a regression introduced in version 2.20.5.
  • SNOW-75961: Set ODBC SQL_ATTR_ENABLE_AUTO_IPD default value to true. This reverts the change introduced in version 2.20.0 of the driver.
  • SNOW-120324: For macOS and Windows, implemented additional updates to support secure SSO ID tokens (preview feature).
  • SNOW-137581: For Linux, implemented guarding of getaddrinfo() with mutex in libcurl; also introduced ForceLockGetaddrinfo parameter in ODBC configuration settings to fix segmentation fault when application is not pthread compatible.
  • SNOW-139281: For Linux, disabled SSO ID token cache.
  • SNOW-141543: Fixed issue with rendering of results for LIST and REMOVE commands.
  • SNOW-141622: Updated SSO ID token secure storage to make it ODBC-specific, rending it inaccessible to other drivers.


February 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-135171: Updated the SnowSQL distribution to allow specifying the install location.
  • SNOW-136164: Fixed issue where SnowSQL could not be installed if ~/.snowsql doesn't exist.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-29974: Added binding support for TIMESTAMP_TZ (including timezone).
  • SNOW-128360: Fixed NoSuchMethodError: org.slf4j.helpers.MessageFormatter.arrayFormat issue for MATLAB.
  • SNOW-134689: Increased multi-part upload threshold to 64MB for PUT commands.
  • SNOW-68471: Added CLIENT_METADATA_USE_SESSION_DATABASE to scope the database for metadata access; default value is false.
  • SNOW-103629: Implemented using the FIPS S3 endpoints for regions in FIPS mode.
  • SNOW-122286: On AWS, when OVERWRITE is false, which is the default value, the file is uploaded if no file with the same name exists in the stage. The previous behavior checked the content signature, but now no longer checks. No change to Azure and GCP, which already implemented this behavior.
  • SNOW-124868: Added new statement types for LIST, GET, PUT, RM commands.
  • SNOW-125221: Fixed issue with getStringFunctions() that does not return all supported string functions.
  • SNOW-128360: Fixed slf4j compatibility issue with MATLAB.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-120324: For macOS and Windows, added support for secure SSO ID tokens; this enables applications to use browser-based SSO while minimizing the number of authentication popups when connecting to Snowflake.
  • SNOW-123641: Added support for multi-threading in the driver to implement thread-safety in snowflake native objects.
  • SNOW-134689: Increased multi-part upload threshold to 64MB for PUT commands.
  • SNOW-139112: Fixed potential security issue due to raw message logging.


January 2020

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-126786: On GCP, fixed exception when using PUT to upload a file to a stage with AUTO_COMPRESS=FALSE.
  • SNOW-134305: Increased threshold to 64MB for multi-part upload to S3.
  • SNOW-93304: Full/main SnowSQL module included in the bootstrap distribution to facilitate offline/hosted installation.
  • SNOW-120329: Added support for OAuth token authentication method.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-121276: Added support for serializing SnowflakeDataSource objects.
  • SNOW-121287: Added CLIENT_ENABLE_LOG_INFO_STATEMENT_PARAMETERS for logging statements and binding data in INFO log level.
  • SNOW-122023: Fixed the order of escapeChars for getTables and getColumns.
  • SNOW-123702: Updated BouncyCastle to 1.60 to fix two high severity issues.
  • SNOW-124928: Fixed precision loss when using getFloat or getDouble for Decimal values that have large scale.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-121054: Reduced unnecessary calls to ALTER SESSION SET AUTOCOMMIT=TRUE.
  • SNOW-124921: Merged partner code changes to implement partner requests and fix reported issues.
  • SNOW-126811: Changed the behavior of the PUT command that skips file upload if the file exits in the stage and no overwrite option is set.


December 2019

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-75495: Internal change for pending feature.
  • SNOW-121787: Pinned the keyring version to 19.2.0.
  • SNOW-122376: Fixed issue with no content cache for downloading newer version of SnowSQL.
  • SNOW-122797: For MacOS Catalina 10.15.1, fixed oscrypto and OpenSSL conflict.
  • SNOW-106130: Added Cask Installer for SnowSQL 1.2.0.
  • SNOW-110191: Enabled fix_parameter_precedence connection parameter to true for SnowSQL.
  • SNOW-118881: Added .zprofile support to SnowSQL installer.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-70240: Added connection parameter help to the JDBC command line.
  • SNOW-75486: Added support for key pair parameters in JDBC connection string.
  • SNOW-84438: General availability for ARROW format support; to be enabled in the next few weeks.
  • SNOW-98693: Implemented DriverPropertyInfo (related to SNOW-70240).
  • SNOW-105117: Fixed issues with retrieving results on GCP.
  • SNOW-115434: Implemented writeable check on file cache, with support for changing to a temp directory if the cache is not writable (from GitHub #188).
  • SNOW-115735: Fixed performance issue caused by frequent calls to ALTER SESSION; calls reduced by setting and caching AUTOCOMMIT session parameter.
  • SNOW-116121: Fixed issue with result set producing wrong result for date 0200-02-28.
  • SNOW-119059: Improved error message when required proxy parameter is missing.
  • SNOW-119801: Upgraded the Arrow library to 0.15.1.
  • SNOW-120495: Added support for OAuth token to SnowflakeBasicDataSource (from GitHub #194).
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-91853: Fixed issue where system locale takes precedence over any locale settings in the driver.
  • SNOW-110240: For Linux, fixed segmentation violation error that occurred when using PUT with SAS for Snowflake accounts on Azure.
  • SNOW-115888: For Windows, fixed issue that occurred with large file uploads when using PUT for Snowflake accounts on Azure.
  • SNOW-121236: Fixed issue where CLIENT_METADATA_REQUEST_USE_CONNECTION_CTX and CLIENT_SESSION_KEEP_ALIVE parameters could not be set in the ODBC connect string.


November 2019

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-110647: Moved upgrade repository from S3 to sfc-repo; original S3 repository is still available for earlier versions.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-86551: Internal change for pending feature.
  • SNOW-97749: Enabled proxy support for JDBC ResultSet distributed process.
  • SNOW-110357: Fixed CVE-2019-16942 security vulnerability.
  • SNOW-110744: Fixed issue where array batch is not usable if records*fields in the batch is large (reported in GitHub #186).
  • SNOW-96797: Internal change for pending feature.
  • SNOW-102750: Increased the max connections limit to 300.
  • SNOW-104007: Fixed CVE-2019-17195, which reported security vulnerability in nimbusds versions less than 7.9.
  • SNOW-109827: Internal fix.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-115888: For Windows, fixed issue with uploading/downloading (PUT/GET) large files to stages in Azure.
  • SNOW-110240: Fixed issue that resulted in a segmentation fault on Redhat when uploading (PUT) files to stages in Azure.


October 2019

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-64718: Internal change for pending feature.
  • SNOW-92738: Improved SnowSQL installation through brew cask for zshell users.
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-23970: Added support for wildcards in directory names in PUT commands.
  • SNOW-98272: Enabled OVERWRITE option for PUT command.
  • SNOW-99312: Improved retry functionality for chunk downloader.
  • SNOW-99497: Added session id to SnowflakeConnection.
  • SNOW-99630: Implemented fixes for CVE-2019-16335 and CVE-2019-14540 security vulnerabilities.
  • SNOW-99954: Internal enhancement.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-97263: Implemented fixes from Simba, some of which introduced behavior changes:
    • Setting DSI_CONN_CURRENT_CATALOG to non-null value could cause an issue; also, implement SFSemantics and change the default behavior there.
    • Set SQL_DESC_CASE_SENSITIVE to false for non-character data types.
    • When using non-existent name or invalid character (e.g. ") in filters for catalog functions, return empty result instead of error.
    • Set SQL_ATTR_ENABLE_AUTO_IPD to false by default to match ODBC specification.
    • Add support for binding SQL_BIT parameter.
    • Fix incorrect value when binding SQL_REAL parameter.
    • Support Inf/Nan values when binding SQL_REAL/SQL_DOUBLE parameters.
    • Return truncation warning when data retrieval buffer size is smaller than actual data.
    • Support binding parameter with custom data types (SQL_SF_TIMESTAMP_LTZ, SQL_SF_TIMESTAMP_NTZ, SQL_SF_TIMESTAMP_TZ).
    • Provide correct information from SQLGetInfo(SQL_DATABASE_NAME), SQLGetInfo(SQL_USERNAME).
    • Fix test cases issues that show up after above changes.
  • SNOW-97669: Fixed issue with SOURCE_COMPRESSION = GZIP by matching the value case-insensitively.
  • SNOW-98456: Internal enhancement.
  • SNOW-100023: Fixed issue where Azure SDK fails to upload large files from Mac/Windows.
  • SNOW-101569: Replaced int128 and uint128 libraries.
  • SNOW-14287: Fixed Wrong Column Size error for string data type in the result set metadata.
  • SNOW-86742: Added client information to the USER-AGENT HTTP header.
  • SNOW-90398: Improved handling of Cache Directory creation errors.
  • SNOW-90427: Fixed issue where ensureCacheDir failure was not properly handled in readOCSPCacheFile().
  • SNOW-98251: Fixed performance degradation by removing CURLOPT_FORBID_REUSE from curl option.


September 2019

 Version  Release Date  Changes/Fixes Compatible Snowflake Release
  • SNOW-94184: Fixed issue related to Arrow format (internal enhancement).
JDBC Driver
  • SNOW-94386: Fixed inconsistencies in data types between JSON and Arrow result sets (internal enhancement).
  • SNOW-97598: Fixed issue with special characters in table names causing getColumns() to not return values.
  • SNOW-97684: Added support for asynchronously submitting in-band telemetry data to Snowflake; previously, the data was submitted inline, which may have resulted in some latency.
  • SNOW-97215: Changed Prepare statement to defer SQL syntax and binding value check until Execute to improve latency.
  • SNOW-74252: Fixed issue where calculateUpdateCount(SFBaseResultSet resultSet) defines updateCount as an int, which is limited to 4B; fixed by adding support for executeLargeBatch.
  • SNOW-90601: Internal change for pending feature.
  • SNOW-90927: Fixed AccessControlException when calling
  • SNOW-90968: Fixed NullPointerException when calling resultSet.getTimestamp() on Time columns with null values.
  • SNOW-91271: Fixed SQLFeatureNotSupportedException when calling prepareStatement(String sql, int autoGeneratedKeys).
  • SNOW-91553: Enhanced the driver to support ResultSet distributed processing.
  • SNOW-91578: Internal fix.
  • SNOW-92223: Fixed issue related to Arrow (internal enhancement).
  • SNOW-94341: Fixed issue related to Arrow (internal enhancement).
  • SNOW-94381, SNOW-94386: Fixed issues related to Arrow (internal enhancement).
  • SNOW-94387: Fixed issue related to Arrow (internal enhancement).
  • SNOW-96157: Added SnowflakeConnection interface.
  • SNOW-96712: Fixed issue where fetching date column fails with IllegalArgumentException.
ODBC Driver
  • SNOW-98251:  Fixed a performance regression introduced in v2.19.10 of the driver. Due to this fix, versions 2.19.10 to 2.19.14 have been removed from distribution and are no longer available for download.
  • Additional fixes (from removed versions):
    • 2.19.14:
      • SNOW-81418: Added support for OVERWRITE option in PUT and GET commands.
      • SNOW-91145: Implemented behavior change for values returned by SQLTable() function, based on the table type (TABLE, VIEW, or TABLE,VIEW).
    • 2.19.13:
      • SNOW-92671:  Fixed issue with duplicate row being inserted by ensuring requestID is consistent with expired session.
    • 2.19.12:
      • SNOW-76184: Fixed extra space in end-of-timestamp output by introducing ODBC_USE_STANDARD_TIMESTAMP_COLUMNSIZE=true where the output size is estimated to 29 instead of 35.
      • SNOW-76710: Implemented Out-of-Band Telemetry.
      • SNOW-90409: Fixed support for OCSP Fail-open.
    • 2.19.11:
      • SNOW-80091: Driver now sends clientStartTime and retryCount with each /queries/v1/query-request.
      • SNOW-82846: Fixed issue where inserting a TIMESTAMP into a STRING data type field via Parameterized insert left-trims the month, day, and time using MS ODBC TEST Tool (odbcte32.exe).
      • SNOW-88346: Internal change for pending feature.
      • SNOW-90246: Fixed issue with OCSP_FAIL_OPEN parameter normalization.
      • SNOW-90640: Fixed issue with CABundleFile parameter for PUT and GET support.
    • 2.19.10:
      •  SNOW-88730: In Windows, fixed PrivateLink connection issue by adding support for the CABundleFile parameter to the connect string.
      • SNOW-88853: Added support for optionally setting application name through the .ini file or connect string.
2.19.1416-Sep-2019Due to a performance issue introduced in 2.19.10 and fixed in 2.19.15, these versions of the driver have been removed from distribution and are no longer available for download. All fixes from these versions are included in



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